Our album ARTiFACTS is out now!

produced by Generik
Gypsea painting by Jessica Johnson


All Rights Reserved. LNC Recordings


Reborn identity, say it, let it be
One day, heavenly, live hard, remember me
After, eternity, i'll be, in your dream
i'll take, you with me, i'll lead, certainty
is the name of the game, i'll never fade away
Or be the same, we will change, and soon be replaced
Become the slave, you going for first place?
The new wave a fad, articial taste?
Sex is my love drug, Money is for young thugs
i love this, what i love, i know its enough
Fame is a lame game, do you really wanna play?
What if that lie becomes your peramanent face?
I'm amazing yet, i face regret and sweat,
I'm like everyone else waking up to debt
If more is less, then i got no depth
If less is more, then yes I never stress

Lets say I've been saved in the most correct way
I fled away from the airwaves of the mindless sex craze
popped it into the tape deck and fell in love when I pressed play
Stimulated angel halo and let it sway
reflecting my best days, in my brain, engraved
lost then regained my wings living games of chess play
lets pray that we make it to the next day
the best say, "always gotta bow to your Sensei-tion"
temptation on the come and go
LNC best kept secret that you wanna know
probably the cure to the chemical additives
exclusive like a center fold
telephone line hacked, satellite got your soul and mind hijacked
LNC be the remedy, heavenly vibrations dddance to the melody
resonating w/ your DNA, haters jealous cause they never seen us play
with the words and the rhythms and the energies
love is how we destroy our enemies
eternal empathy is what we've got for the world
aye bro, pay attention to your girl
I know what you doing and I know your slippin
social network got your girl friend trippin?
pour your heart out and your boy won't listen?
relationship feel like who were you and I kiddin?
you are where you are cause you blew the right wish
gotta conquer the world like a do or die miss/ion

All Rights Reserved. LNC Recordings


released April 23, 2014



all rights reserved


LNC *Generik & Aneken* San Diego, California

Generik & Aneken are Left In Company (LNC)
MC's. Beatboxers. Producers. Performers. Misfit Mestizos. They are free thinking futurists who value creative integrity, quality and deep outer/ inner exploration .

for booking or other inquiries leftincompany@gmail.com
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